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Dr. Steven Krauss, General Dentistry

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Smile Gallery

All the cases you see in our smile gallery were actually completed by Dr.Krauss.

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This beautiful woman hated her smile. Now she is thrilled to have the gorgeous smile she always wanted. All in only two visits!!!!
Porcelain Crowns


                      Sometimes taking care of your teeth can change a person overnight. Here is such case.


This patient obviously did not see a dentist for a very long time, and was quite anxious about dental visits. Now that his teeth are restored, he is very happy and can smile again.
You too can have the beautiful, healthy smile that you deserve!

Dental care for kids


Emergency Bonding
Sometimes an accident occurs and teeth can be broken. With the miracle of cosmetic bonding these can be repaired almost immediately.
This child broke his front teeth in a mishap at school. He was seen the same day and was good as new.
 Teeth Whitening



 Advanced Cosmetic Reconstruction


This patient had missing teeth, large gaps, biting problems and a very unpleasing smile. After his teeth were finished he loved to smile again.


Smile Makeover


Accomplishing dentistry like this takes a lot of expertise and skill. This patient's self esteem was greatly improved after her teeth were restored.
Beautiful Porcelain Crowns


This patient's teeth had old, stained large composite fillings and were in danger of breaking due to recurrent decay and a strong bite. The teeth were crowned,which not only prevents further breakdown, but enhances the smile as well.
Dental Implants

Dr. Krauss restored this patient with two implants and direct bonding. Can you guess where they are?







This patient had large unsightly spaces between her teeth, as well as chipped and stained teeth. She received four porcelain veneers to complete this beautiful new smile. This case was performed by Dr. Krauss over TEN YEARS AGO!

Bonding/White Filling


Removal of amalgam/silver fillings and replacement with natural tooth colored fillings. This is standard operative procedure at Village Crossing Dentistry. This patient had two direct bonded fillings, and one indirect onlay. Truly state of the art and BEAUTIFUL! The onlay, placed on the molar also conserves tooth structure. Had a crown been placed, the tooth would have been prepared much more severely than it was for this conservative onlay restoration.